Simple Mother’s Day Ideas at Home

Simple Mother’s Day Ideas at Home

Mother’s Day is a very important holiday, I would know, I am a mother of two. Holidays have a way of digging deep into our pockets and consumerism is fantastic at making us feel guilty when we don’t splurge. I am guilty of it too, I always try and look for the perfect gift, even if it means to spend a little extra sometimes.

As a mother myself, I have never felt the need to have elaborate gifts during the holidays (not that I don’t dream of a new Le Creuset cast iron pot). I am not writing this because I don’t believe that others should buy expensive gifts if they want to, that is up to the individual. Trust me, I have worked in retail for many, many years and have seen what frantic spouses look like when it’s the day before a holiday and have NO IDEA what to get. The bottom line is, some moms don’t expect much and I wouldn’t want my spouse or children to feel they have to spend money to make me happy.

Does this mean I don’t want to get pampered? Does this mean that a mother cannot feel special? No, we still want to be thought of and appreciated. Gifts from the heart should not cost much or anything at all.

What do I want for Mother’s Day? To be quite honest, time to myself. I am with my children all day, everyday and my husband is working in our “office” all day, five days a week. I am grateful, I really am. We are all home together, safe and healthy. We have enough to keep us busy and fed. However, if you really want to show mom that you care, give her some time to do what she loves. Give her the chance to do something she doesn’t get the time or chance to do.

Take the next few days and listen to what she would like to do if she had a spare moment. Would she like to do some creative art? Take an online workshop or course (that would be an extra cost, but with Covid-19 a lot of companies are offering deals and promos). Would she like to wake up on Mother’s Day and have the house completely clean? Has she been working really hard and could use some relaxation time?

Here are some creative ideas to show mom she is appreciated without leaving the home and not cost anything or very little.

A Clean Home

This is definitely on my list for Mother’s Day gifts! I would love to wake up and find laundry put away, bathrooms cleaned up, floors vacuumed and dishes put away. Surprising your spouse or mother with this gift might be difficult, but maybe wait until she goes to sleep and work around that? Or while she is working on dinner, working or with the kids the day before, you can start cleaning those bathrooms at the same time. If the kids are old enough, let them do it! Where there is a will, there is a how!

Nothing sets me in a good mood then waking up to a clean home.

A little Pampering

If you want to spend some money for this gift, just go to your spouse’s computer, head to Sephora and see what is in her cart (you know the things you want to buy, but know it’s not the time to buy it?). If you’re looking to get her spa quality products, a lot of local businesses are offering curb-side pick up so you can get your order sooner. You know what doesn’t cost anything? A hand and foot massage! Grab some hand/body cream and let mom kick up her heels. If you want to step it up, grab a bin with warm water and some bath salts and let her soak her toes too. Nothing says I appreciate you and thank you for all that you do than a nice massage!

Set up a Corner for a favourite Hobby

There may be something that mom would like to do, whether it’s take an online class, read a book, paint/draw, etc. Why not create an inviting space to allow that to happen? If it’s a book she wants to read, set up a cute reading nook with a cozy blanket, some tea/beverage. If she loves to paint or sketch, set up some of her materials on a table and leave her undisturbed, preferably somewhere with lovely natural light.

Find a spot in the home that mom can do something she never has time to do, like painting or an online class.

Online Chats with Mom, Grandma, Aunts and other Moms in your life

You may not live with your mom, but doesn’t mean you can’t wish her a Happy Mother’s Day online or on the phone. Some have started roadside/driveway visits, but I am not going to recommend that at the moment. I know my mother loves seeing her grandkids via chat, even though it is hard knowing we can’t see them face to face. Reassurance that this will pass and that we can see them soon enough to give them a big hug will make their day.

A few hours of Silence

This one may be tough to do because of our current circumstance. I live in a small home and getting a few moments of silence is not easy. When I’ve needed an hour or so to myself, my husband would take the children for a drive and it allowed me to catch up on things I couldn’t do with everyone home. To the breastfeeding moms, like myself, I have some frozen milk pumped ready for use. If not, I usually feed my little guy and he will take his “nap” in the car.

A cozy spot on the couch for some quiet time never gets old.

A Fun Photoshoot

One of the things I’ve noticed now as a mother of two, I barely have photos with myself and the children, let alone the four of us together. Nowadays, it has become popular for professional photographers to schedule porch photoshoots with families. We aren’t all professional photographers, nor do we all have DSLR cameras and all the fancy equipment that comes with it. What many of us, however, do own smart phones with pretty decent cameras. Why not get everyone all dressed up and set up some fun photo opportunities? There are so many apps now that will help you “edit” if you feel you want to jazz up the pictures. iPhone has really great edit options and I believe Adobe Lightroom offers a free trial. How about give mom her own photoshoot, some nice portrait shots showcasing how awesome she is? It would definitely make her feel special.

Favourite Movie and Snacks

Nowadays, I don’t get much option with what is on our television. During the day it is generally the news or kids tv. In the evening, my husband usually takes over. It’s not that I don’t get the chance, I’m just so tired that I don’t really have the energy to watch my own shows. One of my favourite things to do is curl up in a blanket with my favourite snacks (olive oil popcorn is a must!) and watch a movie with my family. Why not let mom choose, that way there is no argument about which show/movie to watch? This is a nice option if the weather isn’t very nice and are stuck indoors. Those with a toddler like myself, I like to let my daughter watch the movies I used to watch as a kid, brings back some nostalgic memories.

No Cooking for the Day

Now, if mom is the one cooking three meals and 1576 snacks a day, well what about a break? This might entail ordering from a local restaurant and what a great time to support a local business. If not, I suggest looking at some recipes now and plan for any groceries that need to be purchased. We know that online grocery shopping has been quite the struggle these days!

Check out the recipes on my blog for inspiration to give mom a break in the kitchen.

Spend Quality Time Together

In the end, mom will always want to spend time with her family because of course, family is everything. I cherish every moment that I can with my kids because I know they will only be this age once and I won’t get this precious time again. What I do recommend, spend time together and not on Instagram or other social media platforms. Put those phones down for just a moment, and be in the moment with each other.

I wish all mothers, young and old a wonderful Mother’s Day. We truly are the glue that holds it all together.

Bless you all xo


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