• Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

    There are days where we want a hearty meal, but don’t want it to be carb heavy. A healthy alternative is to stuff vegetables and trust me, it will fill you up a lot more than you think! I had…

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    Barley Risotto

    I love risotto! It’s one of those dishes that sound so sophisticated yet easier to make than you think. If you want to look like a pro at your next get together, risotto is the way to go! The term…

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    Lemon Lime Hummus

    Hummus is one of those snacks that is easy to pack and fills you up before you know it. Chick peas, the key ingredient in hummus, is packed with protein, fibre, iron and so many other awesome nutrients, making it…

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    Lemon Butter Sauce

    Spring is finally in the air here in the city, even though it doesn’t feel like it just yet. It is supposed to snow this Easter weekend, but I’m not going to let it bring me down. I already stored…

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    Sugo Sundays

    Sundays are typically used to prep for the rest of the week in our household. No, I am not packing my lunch from Monday-Wednesday, but instead I am preparing my fridge to have options as the new week begins. Typically…

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    Chewy Chocolate Oat Cookies

    This Lent season has been moving along quite well surprisingly. I have been keeping up with this flourless and dairy-less diet better than I thought, but man do I still crave chocolate. Listen, I may have given up grain and…

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