• Culinary Adventure in Tuscany

    It seems everywhere I turn around someone I know or someone on Instagram is showing their latest pictures from Italy and it got me thinking of my honeymoon in July 2015. I remember I couldn’t wait to embark on our…

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    The Nostalgia of Baking

      This morning I woke up craving cookies my grandmother used to bake. I remember walking over to her house and getting excited when she made a fresh batch. In Italian, they are called “biscotti di latte”, which translates to…

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    Baking Woe turns into Baking Wow?

    I recently purchased a Nordic Ware Bundt Pan at Williams Sonoma and have been looking for an opportunity to create something yummy. I love that a simple cake can look so much prettier when it comes out of a designed…

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    Simply Pure and Natural Hand Scrub

    Ever since I became a mom, my hands have been extremely dry. I tried dozens of creams and nothing was working. Everyone kept telling me that I needed to drink more water, but trust me, there was no more room…

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