Easy Tzatziki Recipe

This easy tzatziki recipe is the perfect addition and so quick to make!

Black Bean Brownies

These super easy vegan brownies are decadent without the density of a traditional brownie.

Juice Pulp Buttermilk Oat Muffins

These vegan buttermilk oat muffins are bursting with flavour with the help of leftover juice pulp.

Roasted Beet Garlic Walnut Dip

This nutrient dense dip will leave you wanting some more.

Chocolate Pomegranate Clusters

Give some extra love to your heart with these sweet treats.

Sweet Potato and Squash Croquette

Texture and kids don’t always mix well together. Having to feed a toddler and an infant plus myself and my husband can suck a lot of energy and mental exhaustion. We are currently at the stage where Emilia is happy…

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