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My name is Antonietta and I am Simply Pure Simple Fresh. In 2017, I began writing without a clear plan of what my purpose would be. I knew that starting this blog was something I felt compelled to do and somehow the universe would guide me. Becoming a mother, it became clear that I wanted to ensure my family is exposed to a variety of good, wholesome foods. The blog quickly became a place for myself to share recipes that I create for my family and friends to enjoy.

Growing up in an Italian-Canadian home, a lot of my memories were connected in the kitchen. Food is a powerful mechanism that not only keeps us healthy and alive, but it can make you smile, comfort you through difficult moments and best of all, it is a great way to connect with others.

As my family continued to grow, my path became more clear as each day passed. I wanted a simpler life for myself and my family. This meant making better choices in the food we consume, eating more plant-based options and trying to live a more sustainable life for ourselves and our planet. My passion for food, has led me in growing a vegetable garden every year, involving my eldest in choosing ingredients and preparing meals in the kitchen.

Living more sustainably is something I am continuously working on. This has become very important to me as I embark on a new journey of reducing waste in our home. Living more simply and more sustainably has allowed me to become more mindful of my actions and who I am as an individual. I am always trying to find ways to use a natural approach in maintaining our home to ensure a safe environment for everybody, not just my children.


I am an elementary school teacher by day and a mother, wife, daughter and so much more the rest of the time. I love being an educator, I have the opportunity to shape our future, how amazing is that? Teaching for me, goes beyond the classroom. Learning is a vital part of living and it is constant in my life. To be a great educator is to admit there is always more to learn. My career helps fuel my passion to share knowledge with others on this blog, as well as learning from others.


I am a mother of two wonderful children that keep me busy. I love watching how they interact with one another and with the rest of the world. Each day is a new discovery for all of us. They are who inspire me to write this blog and shape the decisions I make each day.

Culinary Enthusiast

Food is my passion and cooking is my game. I love working with new and different ingredients and exploring different cuisines from around the world. I may be of Italian descent, but my recipes are inspired from all over the world. I enjoy sharing cooking tips that I have found helpful over the years of being present in the kitchen. I truly believe that you don’t need the best gadgets or the most up to date kitchen to be a master chef!

Sustainable Living

Living a clean and natural lifestyle is a journey I am continuously working on. Cutting back on waste and chemical products is a step in the right direction of keeping a safe place for my family. Living simply is a mantra that I do my best in maintaining in all aspects of my life.

Let’s make something together.


Simply Pure Simply Fresh

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