Hello all!

My name is Antonietta and I am a new blogger based out of Toronto, Canada. I am a teacher by day and a wife and mom 24/7. Growing up in an Italian-Canadian home, I basically was born with a wooden spoon in my hand.

Cooking is much more than just eating a meal. It is a chance for families to gather together, discuss politics, philosophy, share ideas or just what you did that day.

It’s a chance to communicate with others, share recipes and new ideas with others.

Cooking brings people together, opens doors for exploring, but most of all it makes me happy.

I am still new in this world of blogging, I hope to learn so much about myself and about others. I hope to meet new people and most of all I just want to see where this path will take me.

From time to time, you may see me post about things other than food. Hope you like what you see!

With love,

Antonietta xo