Hi, I’m Antonietta, mother of two, teacher and nutritionist in training. I was born and raised in Toronto and continue to live in the city with my family. On my down time, (ha, I have two small kids, what down time?) I enjoy reading, gardening, watching a good documentary and baking up a storm.

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website.

My name is Antonietta and I am Simply Pure Simply Fresh. What began as a simple blog in 2017, showcasing recipes I made for family and friends has now grown into something much more.

My parents were both born and raised on the farm in central Italy, where food was not only seen as something to eat, but it was the way of life in every aspect. Once immigrated here, they continued those values of appreciating good food through simple cooking with wholesome ingredients, planting a garden each year, while avoiding food waste at all costs.

Fast forward to today, I quickly realized that my parents’ upbringing was exactly what we need more of in this world. A humble upbringing, appreciating Mother Nature in all it’s glory, and good wholesome food to nourish ourselves.

This meant making better choices in the food we consume, eating more plant-based options and trying to live a more sustainable life for ourselves and our planet. My passion for food, has led me in growing a vegetable garden every year, involving my eldest in choosing ingredients and preparing meals in the kitchen. Currently, I am working towards attaining my degree in holistic nutrition.

My food philosophy involves quality ingredients centred around sustainable practises and healthy eating in moderation (a few indulgences here and there of course). My goal on this platform is to bring back the basics, igniting your passion for cooking, while being mindful of our environmental impact.

Living in our modern world of convenience and consumerism, it can be very easy to be wasteful and not consider the aftermath. However, it is crucial to be self aware of our actions and how it can critically affect our children’s future.

Antonietta xo

Simply Pure Simply Fresh

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